Watch: Robocar Becomes first Autonomous Race Car to Complete Hill climb at Goodwood

Roborace Goodwood Hillclimb - Roborace News

Ever since being announced, autonomous racing car championship Roborace has captured the imaginations of race fans and techies alike. Featuring a driverless race car, Roborace will pit teams of A.I specialists in competitive Motorsport. And as the start of the first race fast approaches, Roborace continues to set records. Robocar,

Watch: Inside Roborace Episode 7 – Robocar First Look MWC 2017

Robocar at Mobile World Congress 2017

Inside Roborace Episode 7: Robocar's Unveiling Roborace's video documentary series returns with Inside Roborace Episode 7. The behind the scenes footage helps to keep fans up to date with the progress of the worlds first A.I racing car championship. Episode 7 of Inside Roborace features the worlds first official look at Robocar

Video: Inside Roborace Episode 6 – Robocar Makes History

 Inside Roborace Episode 6: Robocar Goes Racing Episode 6 of inside Roborace sees Robocar prototypes Devbot 1 and 2 take to the track for the first time in the world's very first driverless car race. The video series documenting the Roborace autonomous vehicle racing championship's progress shows highlights of the historic achievement

Robocar: Roborace Officially Unveils its Autonomous Racing Car

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The autonomous car racing series Roborace has finally unveiled its self driving race vehicle, Robocar. Kinetic, the British VC company behind Roborace, pulled the covers of its official race car during a press conference at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Since being announced the driverless car championship has