Video – Inside Roborace Episode 3: Devbot Completes 12 Laps without a Driver


The Robocar prototype 'Devbot' recently completed 12 laps around a racetrack autonomously. The development vehicle went round the Formula E track in Marrakech perior to the main event on race day. Kinetik, the company behind autonomous  racing car championship Roborace have been documenting their journey towards making the driverless race a reality. In the third

Roborace ”DevBot” Prototype gets a run-out at Donington

The VC company behind Roborace has released a video of a prototype autonomous racing car being tested at Donington Park circuit. Nicknamed ‘DevBot’, the Roborace car briefly did a stint successfully around the race track without a human driver. The main job of DevBot is to allow Roborace teams to develop their software as