Watch: Robocar Becomes first Autonomous Race Car to Complete Hill climb at Goodwood

Roborace Goodwood Hillclimb - Roborace News

Ever since being announced, autonomous racing car championship Roborace has captured the imaginations of race fans and techies alike. Featuring a driverless race car, Roborace will pit teams of A.I specialists in competitive Motorsport. And as the start of the first race fast approaches, Roborace continues to set records. Robocar, as the self-driving race car designed by Daniel Simon is known, became the first autonomous race car to complete the famous hill climb at the Goodwood festival of speed.

First Official Autonomous Hillclimb at Goodwood by a Race Car

In what the festival has recognised as the first official hillclimb at Goodwood by an autonomous race car, Robocar became the first A.I -driven racing car to complete the climb. The landmark run is part of Roborace’s preparations for its Autonomous racing championship due to begin in 2019. “It is an enormous achievement for a race car to complete the very first run of the hill using only artificial intelligence,” said Charles Gordon-Lennox, the Duke of Richmond and Founder of the Festival of Speed.

Check out Robocar’s historic run in the video below:

As mentioned above, the Roborace championship is set to start in early 2019. Teams will compete by adding A.I driver algorithms to a Roborace supplied Robocar API platform. Roborace is set to help in the development of autonomous cars much like Formula one for fossil-fuel vehicles.

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