Roborace ”DevBot” Prototype gets a run-out at Donington


The VC company behind Roborace has released a video of a prototype autonomous racing car being tested at Donington Park circuit. Nicknamed ‘DevBot’, the Roborace car briefly did a stint successfully around the race track without a human driver.

The main job of DevBot is to allow Roborace teams to develop their software as well as gain experience of the Robocar hardware. The self driving car prototype could only complete one lap at Donington, but Kinetik has shown that Robocar is a distinct possibility.

At the same time, with Roborace races set to take place at Formula E races and the new season about to start, it is unclear if Robocar will be ready. Check out the ”DevBot” Prototype video below for a glimpse into how far the Robocar has come:

It is worth noting that the prototype looks nothing like the images that were released in March, with the Devbot featuring a cabin for a human driver for example. But obviously the finished Roborace car will have something similar under its shell, and above all, it works.

Will Robocar be Ready in Time?


Moving on from the fancy editing and music in the video, the car doesn’t seem to go by the promises made by Roborace. The organisations say that the car is capable of touching 180 miles an hour of speed, but the car in the video seemed unable to reach such speeds. And it could manage to move for quite a short distance to be considered fit for racing.

As mentioned earlier, the races will happen during the next year’s Formula E events and the makers do have quite some time to work on the car to make it work as promised.

This is probably the first time that someone has taken such bold approach in the racing arena by introducing driverless cars. Despite some of the little flaws, the concept seems quite promising and Roborace is even more enthusiastic about the event.

Racing as a sport will gain even more fans with the all new nerdy approach of bringing a developing technology to a very established sport. Many of us are looking forward to seeing how things go with the Roborace during the Formula E championship for 2016-17.

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