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If you’re a Roborace fan looking for the Roborace schedule, you’ve come to the right place. There are no firm dates yet for when the first Roborace race event will take place. However, Roborace CEO Lucas di Grassi has expressed hope that the championship will start in spring of 2019. With further details thin on the ground fans can only hope that the Roborace season does start next spring. For full Roborace schedule details keep checking back for the latest updates.

Roborace Schedule

Roborace Schedule, Teams and Race Events

While there are no firm dates available from Kinetik, the venture firm behind Roborace some progress has been made on setting up the driverless racing car championship. Consequently the Roborace schedule is not yet available but at least we have a spring 2019 forecast by di Grassi. In addition no teams have been announced as of yet either.

So for now here’s what we know about the Roborace schedule so far:

  • Roborace First Race Spring 2019
  • 1st Season named ‘Season Alpha’
  • 10 Competing Roborace Teams
  • Teams will use both A.I and Human Drivers
  • Robocar will still drive itself for parts of the race

Details provided by Roborace suggest that there will be 10 Roborace Teams competing in the initial season. In an announcement on Autosport, di Grassi coined the first season, ‘Season Alpha.’ A suitably techy name for a racing series in which autonomous vehicles will do battle on street circuits. The company would have a scenario where tech firms, developers, and even university departments would be part of the teams competing.

Each team will use a base unit of Robocar with the competition coming from the A.I expertise they have.

In addition to the above, races will not be between fully autonomous vehicles only to start off with. Roborace has confirmed that human drivers will also feature when the Roborace Schedule does kick off.  The human drivers’ task will be to help the driverless A.I learn tracks and motor racing in general. Eventually the autonomous Robocar will then hopefully learn how to race on its own.

Admittedly the above may not be much to go on but we’ll update this page with new updates as soon as they are known. Fingers crossed that Roborace first race does take place in the Spring of next year!